Trans-Pol Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. has been operating on the transport and logistics market since 1998. Initially, the company was a family-run enterprise established by Sławomir Niedbalski under the business name of T.C. “Trans-Pol”.


the enterprise was established in 1997 by Sławomir Niedbalski. Initially, it was a family-run company, which rendered transport services across Poland. At the same time, the company’s owner has been managing the individual company divisions in person ever since the time the enterprise was established


the enterprise includes international transport in its operations with particular focus on Great Britain and Germany


following Poland’s accession to the European Union and the opening of the Western markets, the company begins to develop steadily, mainly through the development of our machinery fleet


the enterprise extends its operations to the other western countries: Belgium, Holland, France and to Lithuania


the enterprise buys a depot equipped with a warehouse, workshop and office facilities


to meet the transport and logistics market’s requirements T.C. TRANS - POL is transformed into TRANS-POL POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. which is managed by its shareholders. Sławomir Niedbalski, the company’s owner to date, remains the President of the company’s Management Board


Trans-Pol Polska has been specialising in international transport for almost 20 years.

Among our Customers there are both the big, international corporations and smaller enterprises. Every day, to execute the orders, we transport such goods as: automotive commodities, white goods, paper, steel, construction materials, plastic raw materials and other products transported on pallets or in big bags.

We have been a well-known, appreciated and sought-after partner on the transport and logistics market for many years.


To ensure the top quality of our services we personally supervise the performance of every order.

In our business, timeliness and supervision over the goods are the most important criteria to assess whether the service was rendered in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

To accomplish the set goals, we use our own fleet and do not dilute the responsibility for the performance of the orders.

The following has always been our motto: “Well-performed service is the best advertisement, returning Customers are our greatest satisfaction.”

Our high-skilled dispatchers and drivers are responsible for the work efficiency of the vehicle crews.
Their work is supported by the best, state-of-the-art information technologies and telemetric systems, which allow for effective company management in the area of transport operations and the settlement of the drivers’ work time.

Vehicle and semi-trailer monitoring GPS system, electronic systems to support fleet management, a modern management centre, security, responsive dispatchers.

Enviroment protection

The enterprise actively supports the idea of CSR.

We believe, that the solutions we adopt, allow us to reduce the adverse effect on the environment:

  • we service our tractors regularly in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations; the entire fleet consists of modern vehicles which meet the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards,
  • we optimise our routes: we set the shortest routes, we reduce the number of no-load drives to the minimum,
  • we use the AdBlue additive which reduces the Nitrogen Oxide emissions,
  • we keep track of our monthly fuel consumption levels; we have implemented bonus systems for the drivers who achieve the best results


High-skilled staff is Trans-Pol Polska’s biggest asset.

Our employees are specialists in their field. We owe them the constant development of our company.

The majority of them have specialised education which, in the current market situation, is an important asset in their everyday work.