Trans-Pol Polska in numbers

The numbers don’t lie. Trans-Pol Polska means over 19 million kilometres travelled and over 380 million kilograms transported for several hundreds of contractors:

19 975 167 km

the number of kilometres travelled by the company fleet

384 582 000 kg

the weight of the goods transported by the company fleet

70% - 30%

the FTL to LTL transport ratio

International transport

Trans-Pol Polska has specialised in the area of road transport mainly in Poland and in the Western European countries.

We render our services mainly in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Holand, Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

The vast majority of our shipping services are FTL (Full Truck Load), LCL (Less than Container Load) and LTL (Less than Truck Load).

At the same time we are seeking to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers and, with respect to the stable development of our company, we render cabotage services in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on common rules for access to the international road haulage market.

To ensure the optimum level of services, the haulage is performed by an experienced team of drivers with the use of a fleet of modern road tractors and the following types of semi-trailers: Standard, Mega, Mega BDE, Mega Huckepack. The vehicles are selected individually for each order to ensure the maximum level of goods’ security and prompt delivery.

Every load is insured by the company to the value of: EUR 600.000 for the cabotage loads,  EUR 300.000 under the conditions of the international and domestic carrier liability insurance.


Domestic transport

Trans-Pol Polska offers also domestic transport services, including both FTL and LTL transport. This is a supplementary service on our offer, but it is rendered on the highest level possible.

To meet the needs of the hyper-competitive market and to ensure a more and more comprehensive service to your contractors, for a few years now, we have been investing in a modern vehicle fleet of 3.5 t to 12 t load capacity, thus supporting our international transport team.


Full Truck Load (FTL) transport

Trans-Pol Polska is predominantly specialised in the domestic and international FTL transport. It may appear to be the least complicated transport service which the majority of companies in the freight and logistics industry have on offer. It requires, however, the relevant experience and a professional approach. With respect to the satisfaction of our customers we are able to perform the most demanding orders and the ‘just-in-time’ principle is our everyday rule.


Less than Truck Load (LTL) transport

Trans-Pol Polska, a dynamically developing enterprise, offers also the domestic and international LCL and LTL transport services. We guarantee the top quality of our service and express delivery both in the Western European countries and in Poland. Our experience, gained in the course of cooperation with many contractors from across the European Union, guarantees the top quality and standard of our services.

One of the solutions for general cargo transport, which we adopt as well, is the LTL transport option with the use of one means of transport for several batches of loads ordered by various companies with various delivery addresses which, however, remain on one transport route.



We are aware that the developing transport and logistics market requires a comprehensive service. To meet the requirements of our Customers, we have a warehouse of 1000 m2 at our disposal, which is equipped with forklift trucks and constitutes an invaluable supporting factor in the supply chain which we are an integral part of.