In relation to its vehicle fleet, Trans-Pol Polska especially promotes reliability and limitation of the operating costs. In the current market situation one cannot afford any oversight in this respect; therefore, we make our choices on the basis of our long-term experience and the millions of kilometres travelled.

Our fleet includes Volvo and Scania  road tractors which meet the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards.

Out of concern for the welfare of our employees, we make sure that our tractors have spacious cabs, refrigerators, air conditioning and other facilities.


In our opinion, the possibility of a flexible selection of semi-trailers is of great significance when it comes to providing the optimum conditions for the transported goods.

The security of the transported goods is our primary concern. Therefore, each semi-trailer has the following as its standard equipment: customs approved rope, a set of lashing straps, angles to go under the straps, non-slip mats and transverse protection beams.

We have a fleet of semi-trailers by recognized manufacturers, i.e.:
Krone oraz Kogel.

In the near future we intend to invest in ultralight semi-trailers which will allow us to meet our Customers’ expectations.

Semi-trailer types:

  • Standard,
  • Mega
  • Mega Huckepack

The majority of the semi-trailers have a hydraulic roof, an option to adjust the roof height to the transported goods, a sliding roof.

Vehicles from 3.5 t to 12 t.

The Iveco Daily and Man TGL commercial vehicles, which belong to our machinery fleet, are complementary to our main business operations.